A fun way to teach young children their first 150 words!

A Fun Way to Teach Young Children New Words!

Bright illustrations, real pictures, and clear pronunciation encourage young children to learn and play simultaneously.


Why You'll Love This App

Enhancing your child's vocabulary is more than just learning new words. It's about empowering them to express their thoughts and emotions more effectively, paving the way for clearer communication and better understanding.

My First 150 Words - A fun way to teach young children their first 150 words! | Product Hunt

Enhance Cognitive Development

Enhance Cognitive Development

Promote Reading Comprehension

Promote Reading Comprehension

Encourage Effective Communication

Encourage Effective Communication

Learn words in 6 different categories

Explore the world around them, one word at a time! Dive into 6 categories each filled with 25 words: Food, Body, Vehicles, Toys, Clothes, and Animals.

My First Body Words
My First Animals Words
My First Vehicles Words
My First Food Words
My First Clothes Words
My First Toys Words

Fun & Independent Learning

Not just about learning—it's about making discovery a joy. Real pictures and clear pronunciation make learning immersive, while the interactive interface keeps it engaging.

Real-World Connections with Vivid Pictures
Real pictures and sounds
Explore Diverse Categories and Multilingual Options
Interactive and engaging
Easy Navigation through Engaging Topics
Easy to use Independently

Multilingual Learning

Available in six other languages - Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese - giving your child a head start in a globalized world.

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  • 150 words across 6 categories